Good morning, Sailors!  

The 2013 sailing season is just about upon us.  We would all be more excited for the start of the season if it were not for the water situation which, unfortunately, is not looking good at this point. Several board members are following the situation closely and will provide a detailed report as the situation becomes more clear. 

Regardless of the water situation, we believe that it is extremely important that we keep the club going to preserve not only our friendships and camaraderie, but also the cohesion of the club during a difficult time.  One of the most important ways to do that is to participate in our traditional social events. I think everyone would agree that last year was an outstanding year for the club activities, thanks to the hard work of the Grays and others. At the Labor Day Chili Cook off, it was suggested, and well received, that volunteers from each of the docks each take up the planning and organizing responsibilitlies of one event each which, thus far, hasn't happened.  We would like to ask again that instead of docks perhaps we could get volunteers from different geographical areas to organize events.  Kellie and I, for instance, have suggested that we could do another chili cook off for Labor Day at the lake if there's water, or in the case of no water, perhaps in Albuquerque as a joint event with the Duke City Model Yacht Club at Tingly Beach. Similarly, we would like to have members in Santa Fe, Los Alamos and points north organize the Memorial Day event, and maybe other members in Albuquerque and points south organizethe 4th of July event.  Sharon and Doug Gray have graciously offered to plan the Christmas party again this year so that is covered. Thanks guys!  Ed Knop has also offered to help with one of the events. 

For the benefit of the club, please consider offering your time and talents so we can still enjoy a sailing season among friends and fellow sailors. 

Please contact me or any other member of the board so we can get the planning under way.


Eric Griego 
Heron State Park Advisory Board Member
(505) 296-6892


Sailing with the icebergs in Alaska.

 Stan's Meeting

Our Commodore sailing into the path of a cruise ship in Alaska.  Way to go Stan!

Stans meeting


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